The Coalition Governments Education Policy

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THE WHITE PAPER has been published in Parliament

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The Government list of policy objectives and the intended effects as:

  1. Workforce and Leadership - attract and retain more excellent teachers; ensure sufficient supply of high quality school leaders; give teachers and head teachers professional autonomy and responsibility to improve their own practice.
  2. Improve behaviour and discipline, strengthen teachers and head teachers authority; improve the quality of alternative provision for pupils who are excluded.
  3. Reform curriculum, assessment and qualifications so that the content of education and the standards pupils acheive are among the best in the world and increase England's economic competitiveness.
  4. Support new schools systems - expand the Academies programme so that all schools can choose to benefit from Academy-style freedoms; promote innovation by inviting providers to open Free Schools; give Local Authorities a strong strategic role.
  5. Sharpen accountability mechanisms to set out clear expectations of schools, inflorm and influence parents' decisions and allow everyone (including head teachers, governors and the public) to benchmark schools' performance.
  6. Support school improvment - give teachers and head teachers responsibility and freedom to drive improvements within classrooms and schools, and to lead system-wide change.
  7. Move towards a more transparent and fait funding system for schools' revenue and capital costs.
(Taken from The Importance of Teaching: Schools White Paper 2010 Impact Assessment  - downloadable Click here )

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Support for Church Schools

The Government is on record as supporting the growth of faith schools.

The following statement was made on 30th July 2010:

We had a wide variety of comments both in favour and against faith schools. On this issue, the government believes that all children regardless of faith or background should have access to a good education. We believe that it is on ly fair that pupils of all faiths have opportunities to be educated in accordance with the wishes of their parents. We aim to build a diverse system that reflects parents’ needs and choice and we believe that the free schools programme helps support this. Where an entirely new faith free school or academy is set up – that has no predecessor school – that school will be required to adopt admission criteria that will ensure, if it is oversubscribed, that 50% of its intake of children will be admitted without reference to faith. This will ensure that any new faith academies cater not only for faith demand but also for broader local demand.

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Following agreement by both Houses of Parliament on the text of the Academies Bill it received Royal Assent on 27 July. The Acadamies Bill is now an Act of Parliament (law).

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